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So hi there.. i am just finishing a three-day weekend. Just doesn't seem long enough. Not feeling completely motivated to start my week because it is going to be really insane again but I know I have to approach the stress a different way.

I had a good day. Went to the spa. Got my hair cut & highlighted.. I really needed it.. Also got my eyebrows waxed and something else waxed.. haha.. Hey, I'll try anything once... that's my philosophy.

My husband asked me 3 times today if I ordered the fertility monitor so I ordered it tonight from amazon -2 day shipping for free... so it will be here for my next cycle.. It would be a shock if this cycle ended in pregnancy. I'm so pessimistic now.. I hope this monitor helps us with knowing when our peak fertile days are. It was nice to see him so eager for me to order this.

And my song of the day: Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones.. because well, i feel this way sometimes late at night...

Beautiful Lyrics:
"In your message you said,…


So we've been trying alot on our own this month.. strongly considering purchasing the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. The reviews seem pretty good. Some good, some bad.. how will I know unless I try it. Seems like it might help pinpoint more of when I am most fertile which is something we clearly struggle with due to my irregular periods and length of cycles. My husband seems supportive of us buying and trying this product. I want to do a little more research, though.

It's getting harder everywhere I look to see people with babies because I want one so bad. I want to be a mommy. Every passing month it breaks my heart a little more.

and when I feel like this, I listen to my favorite song....