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Gosh I am tired. Wasn't I off of work all summer? How can one be so tired? Every single day it seems I'm on the go, go, go..... I need some rest. My schedule has been pretty crazy over the past 2-3 weeks. Tomorrow evening, I vow to come home and just rest. Wednesday Evening I start a Meditation course at MSU Evening College which should be pretty relaxing!! At least there isn't a home football game this upcoming weekend... I need a break!

I'm spinning round and I touch the ground... and I'm letting go of my mind.....

I Want You To......

I want you to love me..

I want you to touch me....

I want you to know me...

I want you to show me...

I want you to love me...

i want to you to have that hot look in your eye..... no time to be shy.... My pulse is racing... I want you to want me.. i want you to love me, i want you to touch me.

For you.......

Nobody ever said losing friends was easy......

I miss my friends.
It seems I am so alone these days.
What to do? Just cope. and get stronger??

Too many changes at once.

oh.. and Dear Readers.. (of none, likely.. lol)
I am not great with change.....
so 4-6 losses of friends in the past 6 months has taken its toll.

My friend... this is for you....

My dear friend, these lyrics are for you today...

Do it, now..You know who you are...You feel it in your heart........And you're burning with ambition
But first, wait.....Won't get it on a plate.......You gonna have to work for it......Harder and harder
And I know....Cause I've been there before...Knocking on the doors...With rejection
And you'll see..Cause if it's meant to be.....Nothing can compare........To deserving your dreams

It's amazing
All that you can do
It's amazing
Makes my heart sing
Now it's up to you

Patience, now....Frustration is in the air....And people who don't care....Well it's gonna get you down
And you'll fall....Cause you will hit a wall...But get back on your feet.....And you'll be stronger.....And smarter

And I know
Cause I've been there before
Knocking down the doors
Won't take no for an answer

And you'll see....Cause if it's meant to be.....Nothing can compare.....To deserving your dreams

Don’t be embarrassed, …


There is emotional pain in life....
by absorbing this, I will grow.

In Life....

We all deal with emotional pain.
It makes us stronger. It must.
I won't give up.
I will fight for what I want.

Do the painful moments in life make us who we are? and who we will eventually be?

What a week.... what stress... sigh.....

The past week has been so hard on me. So many changes at once. Too many stressors. Tears falling left and right. Too many changes at once for me to handle. Still trying to heal from my surgery. Planning on seeing an acupuncturist Monday September 15th as well as September 16th to help with my healing overall which I am somewhat frightened about. It seems with all the changes, I don't know where I am with everything and that is somewhat scary for me. All I feel like doing is lying in bed with my husband snuggling, crying, being held and taking all the changes day by day trying to move forward.

Victory for MSU.......... MSU Beats Eastern Michigan Easily.

The view from my seats.

Great day by all. New Tailgate Location went perfectly. We're tailgating near Izzo's new offices in Breslin.

Everything happens for a reason, right????

This is so stressful... the basement flooded again... is the 3rd time a charm? It's the worst ever. It seems we can't get any help. We've been fighting the drain commissioner for over a year. It's incredibly frustrating. We need a lawyer that handles this stuff..... asap. Whomever approved the sites behind us to allow the water to drain directly into our yard........ sigh......grrr.......



We all need it. We need people to help us through a bad spot in life.
I'm here for you, my dear friend.

Call me when you need me....

anytime of the day, I will listen. we'll get through this. Lean on me.
Please Know this.

“Never let go of hope.
One day you will see that it all has finally come together.
What you have always wished for has finally come to be.
You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?”