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It's been 8 weeks and a day...


I'd never imagined it would end like this.

In time, something new will grow. How long will it take to feel it? I don't know how to be something that will grow right now. I hope to see the sunshine, lay down on the ground, stare up at the sky and think about what is next.

I didn't think I'd live like this..... Time... growth.

My days used to revolve around you... Who had a sick need to give... and take it ALL away.

I look back with regret.. Why didn't I see this?? I see it all now. Every little piece.

i still remember the look on your face when I woke you... i can still feel your energy.. I don't know how to be something that you'll miss.. It's your smile and love I will forever remember... I hope I am something you will miss.. I hope I made an impact on your beautiful life.

I will remember the moments...