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I had my lab work done today for the month so hopefully I will get some decent news. Plan to talk to my obgyn later this week to discuss taking some time off Clomid. Maybe looking into alternative medications like injectables.

My life, my friends, my mind...

It's been a really tough few weeks (ok, let's be honest... it's been a few rough months) for me. I'm really worn down on the Clomid. I've been pretty emotionally worn down. Crying, sad, moody, irritable... it's made me sick... combined with the fact that I've not gotten a progesterone level of over 5 since starting. I'm supposedly "fertile" this week.. I never know when I really ovulate.. but I had migraines.. then food poisoning.. so I guess we'll try the next several days.. but I'm pretty down about it. I feel like I need a break for sure. I am going to talk to my obgyn at the end of this cycle to see if I can stop Clomid for 1-2 months before starting up. I'm just so worn down. I don't even feel like myself anymore.
I feel like I am teetering on the edge of depression almost. It took a good friend this week to point this out to me.. He said he is always on eggshells around me, I'm not the same person and I seem depressed.…